How To Play

Catch all the Bananas and Apples and bring both players to the end of the level.

To end the game you need to catch all 3 bananas and 3 apples and have both players on top of the ending flag at the same time.


Arrows + Spacebar

Coding Blocks Game Jam

This game was developed for the Coding Blocks Game Jam 22 with the theme of  "It's Following Me".


I've used GDevelop to create this game. Check my YouTube channel to see me working on this game in real-time.



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done on 6th attempt. Fun game.

Cool! Thanks

I can't figure out how to move the camera. When leaving full screen, the camera slightly moves to the right. I tried moving both characters or the mouse to the bounds on the right. 

Might be an issue on Mac? Using Google Chrome btw

Can you move the characters? The camera should start following the characters when one of them reach the screen center

Super hard, but a fun puzzler!

Thanks! yeah, it end up being a little harder than I wanted to lol I’ll add some checkpoints along the level to make it less annoying at least