Mother Hen

How To Play

You - the Mother Hen - and your little chick need to return home.

Find the way out of each level by reaching the pink waypoint.


  • WASD - Move the chicken;
  • Left Shift - Run;
  • Spacebar - Call the Chick (only works if within radius).

Bridge Controls

  • Blue: Step to lower the bridge;
  • Yellow: Step on both at the same time to lower the bridge;
  • Red: Stay on top to lower the bridge.

Wowie Jam 4.0

This game was developed for the Wowie Jam 4.0 with the theme of  "Collaborate with AI".

Game Engine

I've used Unity to create this game.



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yeah, you hould create more levels and more plates =) could become a good game for mobile too

this game is  very fun